Victoria’s Secret Digital Campaigns

Story-telling with bras & panties.

Brand: Victoria’s Secret

Skills: Design, Art Direction

Date: 2015

As an Art Director at I was responsible for concepting, designing and executing homepages and land pages. During my time, the company was pushing for more cohesiveness within their various channels of distributions and want to create site wide campaigns for each event that took places. Here are some of the various projects I worked on.

We LOVE Bras

This was one of the first campaigns I worked on with the brand. The strategy was to create a cross category event on bras and unify the marketing offer. Below were some homepage concepts to achieve this and make the event feel like a special takeover.

What is Sexy?

Fall 2015 was a focus on the heritage of Victoria’s Secret. As another push toward company wide cohesion, the theme “What is Sexy?” was used in the catalogs and website. To illustrate this concept, we used the strategy of having a total category banner that would rest on top of the homepage as well as have the site offer. Different types of typography and imagery were explored with and ultimately a collage type banner was selected.


Panty Party

Panty Party is a sale on panties that happens a few times a year. I was tasked to update and refresh the look of the creative as previous Panty Party executions became stale. Typically multiple panty stills were used to show abundance. This time I focused on having one great image supported with other panty images to show quantity. In addition, I played with typography and layering stills into the text to illustrate the breadth of color selection.


Valentine’s Day Concepting

Some concepting on the “Love me More” theme for Valentines Day 2016. Below are concepts for the Lingerie landing page and banners for the Valentines Day Shop.


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